Friday, September 11, 2020

Guest speaker Alejandro Lavanderos

The esteemed Chiléan flautist Alejandro Lavanderos will introduce his long-running Antara project to Buffalo's PhD students on September 25th. The Antara ensemble aim to bring their deep knowledge and familiarity with precolumbian instruments and open them to new possibilities in close collaboration with composers. As part of his presentation, Lavanderos will demonstrate the sound and playing techniques of various Latin American flutes and discuss recent projects.

Lavenderos has performed internationally (France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay), and more than 40 works by Chilean and foreign composers have been dedicated to him. He has been instrumental in renewing the repertoire and use of the flute in his country, and a pioneer in the incorporation of traditional instruments systematized in contemporary musical creation. He has recorded the CDs "Resonances, works by Chilean composers for flute and piano", "Antara, new music of America", "Antara, the textures of sound" and is preparing the edition of the CD selected by the 2014 NATIONAL MUSIC FUND from the Chilean government "Music Americanas for flute" by Latin American composers.

Lavanderos is the artistic director of the Festival “Presences de las Musicas Actuales de América Latina”, of the “Forum de la Fluuta” meetings, of the Chiloé Music Festival and of the “Flautas de América” festival. He chairs the Chilean Music Council - CIM, the RICMA Music Research and Creation Network of America, and is executive secretary of the COMTA Music Council of the Three Americas. He is currently a professor of the Music School of the University of Valparaíso, of the flute chair of the Institute of Music of the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, of the National Conservatory of Music CNDM.

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