Monday, February 22, 2021

March 12th Concert Livestream!



On Friday, March 12th, at 7:30 pm EDT, the Century for 21st Century Music will livestream a concert of University at Buffalo PhD composers performing their own and one another's works from Lippes Concert Hall.

The program will include:

Alex Buehler, Shatter, for solo trombone and electronics, performed by the composer. 

Shatter (2020) is created from, and inspired by, metallic, glass, and ceramic sounds; particularly the sounds of shattering glass, cascading metal, broken crockery, and blacksmith hammering. The moment of violent breaking and shattering becomes a frozen environment that the trombone finds itself wandering through and adapting to the necessities of survival.

Joel Kirk, Studying Shrapnel, for solo flugelhorn, performed by the composer.

Rich Wang, The Yellow Plateau, for solo cello and electronics, performed by Jonathan Golove.

A cello solo piece for Dr. Jonathan Golove. It has two movements which are 1: 'Original' and 2: '2020'. The composer used the electric orchestra combined with Chinese north western folk music elements to state the river of history in the Yellow Plateau.

Matias Homar, Breathing reality, for brass trio and live electronics.

Alex Buehler - Trombone

Joel Kirk - Flugelhorn

Jonathan Rainous - Euphonium.

Piece composed for a brass trio during the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be thought of as a personal reflection on isolation through taking quotidian sounds from a personal environment and laying them out within a musical composition.

Tyler Adamthwaite, Fleeting Remnants of the Severed Wonderland..., for solo viola, performed by James Rhodes.

John Aulich, In an absence of sea, for solo flugelhorn, performed by Joel Kirk. 

James Falzone, Neither/Nor, for violin, vibraphone and piano.

Tyler Adamthwaite - violin

James Falzone - vibraphone and piano.

Livestream the concert here:

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