Wednesday, May 10, 2023

May 11: UB Composition Concert

May 11: UB's Graduate Composition Students

Composition concert by the current graduate composition students of the UB Music Department (May 11, 7:30 pm, Slee Hall)

The Center for 21st Century is excited to announce the upcoming composition concert by the current graduate composition students of the UB Music Department on the 11th of May, 7:30 pm in Slee Hall.

With the support of the Center for 21st Century Music, the graduate composition students will be presenting a concert of new works by Emily Barger, Will Brobston, Alex Buehler, Brian Caswell, Francisco Corthey, James Falzone, Thomas Little, Jonathan Rainous, and Lihuen Sirvent, featuring performances by Tiffany Dumouchelle, Nicholas Emmanuel, Tom Kolor, Megan Kyle, Nicole Murray, John Smigielski, Steve Solook, Michael Tumiel, and many others. 

Concert Program

Brian Boru Watches the Spider Escape His Prison Cell (2023)                       Brian Patrick Caswell

            for Percussion & Bugles*

Percussion: Brian Patrick Caswell, Dalton Doolittle, Franklin Feng, Jess Tolve; Bugle: Alex Buehler, Teressa-Jo Izzo, Joel Kirk, Thomas Scully;

Tom Kolor, Conductor


Jade Syrinx (2021) for Bb Soprano Saxophone & Fixed Media                                 Will Brobston Floris Van Der Veken, Soprano Saxophone


Karoshi (2019) for Bb Clarinet, Violin, & Vibraphone                                                    Lihuen Sirvent Michael Tumiel, Clarinet; John Smigielski, Vibraphone; Nicole Murray, Flute


Sequenziana B (2022-23) for Bb Contrabass Clarinet & Fixed Media*                              Thomas Little Michael Tumiel, Contrabass Clarinet


Haiku I (2019) for SAB Choir*                                                                                  Jonathan Rainous

Soprano: Rosa Vu, Alexis Tuccio, Emelia Bottoms; Alto: Chloe Nugent, Emily Barger, Matt Reimer; Baritone: Tiffany DuMouchelle;

Nicholas Emmanuel, Piano; Tom Kolor, Conductor

-     Intermission   -


Broad Age Noon (2023) for Oboe & Organ*                                                                     James Falzone Megan Kyle, Oboe; James Falzone, Organ

hear me (2023) for SSAA Choir*                                                                                      Emily Barger

Soprano: Rosa Vu, Alexis Tuccio, Emelia Bottoms, Emily Barger; Mezzo-Soprano: Chloe Nugent, Matt Reimer, Sam Kessler; Baritone: Kevin Bassler;

Tom Kolor, Conductor


Exhale Tellurium Abimelech (2022) for Ab Sopranino Clarinet & Live Electronics*    Alex Buehler Michael Tumiel, Sopranino Clarinet


ABRA (2022) for Mezzo-Soprano, Piano, & Percussion                                        Francisco Corthey Tiffany DuMouchelle, Voice & Percussion; Nicholas Emmanuel, Piano & Percussion;

Steve Solook, Percussion; Tom Kolor, Conductor


This event is supported by the Center for 21st Century Music and UB's Music Department. We would like to thank Phil Rehard, Concert Manager, and Chris Jacobs, Director of Music Technology, for their support of this program.

*World Premier 

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